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Starshot (2019)


Fiction / 14 Min / CH

with Jonas Hien, Axel Sichrovsky, Puja Bebhoud

Written & directed by: Samuel Perriard
Production: 0712 Filmproduktion
DOP: Gaetan Varone
Sounddesign: Daniel Hobi
Music: Balz Bachmann


After twelve years, Matti returns to the city where his life had changed. Just like then, he carries the revolver with him. He‘s eager to play the game – but his companion is hesitating.

A Western about unsettled men.

The first part of the film was shot in 2007, the second twelve years later in January 2019.


*10th Oaxaca Filmfest (MEX)
*5th Minikino Week (IND)
*4th High Coast Film Festival (SWE)

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