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Black Panther - The story of Emilie and Jacob (2013)


Fiction / 79 Min / D

with Lucy Wirth, Ole Jacobs, Jonas Hien

Written & directed by: Samuel Perriard
Production: dffb & StickUp Films
Producer: Luis Singer
DOP: Gaetan Varone
Art Director: Frederik Kunkel
Costumes/Hair&Makeup: Kerstin Griesshaber
Music: JJ&Palin


After years, Emilie (26) meets her brother Jakob (22) again. She shares with him not only the loss of her parents, but also a secret... At Emilie's request, the vacation home they inherited together in the Swiss Alps is to be sold. Unlike skateboarding pro Jakob, the young entrepreneur is dependent on the money. Her parents' business, which she took over with her boyfriend Andreas (29), is heavily in debt. The emotions towards her brother, successfully repressed over the years, make Emilie deliberately keep her distance. But Jakob's direct and blatant manner increasingly shakes her cool facade. The vastness and unspoiledness of the mountain landscape offers the two of them an unusual freedom. But the more Emilie represses reality, the more Jacob wants a decision about their future together. The rationally managed relationship with Andreas and the deep affection for Jakob inevitably confront each other. But can the two siblings really live a love that must remain invisible?


*31st Munich Film Festival (DE)
*50th Chicago International Film Festival (USA)
*49th Solothurner Filmtage (CH)
*10th achtung berlin Film Festival (DE)
*Nominated for the FIRST STEPS Award 2013
*Nominated for the Studio Hamburg Newcomer Award 2014

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